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GPS tracker ring positioning anti-cheating pigeon research and opened for 18th Pigeon Professional League.

September 22th was a racing game of collecting pigeons. There are so many pigeon Fanciers here in collecting area at noon then get the number.

At 13:30 pm, the pigeon collection work officially started. The 20 referees from the Beijing Pigeon Association and 38 university volunteers from China Jiaotong University, Renmin University of China and Beijing University of Technology …etc participated in the qualifiers.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the club cooperate with Taiwan Min Xin technology co.,Ltd . The first time to use the GPS foot ring to locate the flight path, and put the pigeon anti-cheating measures into the event, which really created a pigeon fancier. A platform of fairness. At 20:58 , the collection of pigeons was completed and a total of 8,471 pigeons from 179 lofts were basketed.

Wish all the fanciers a good result! The following picture are about the game :

  • case1-1
    9:00 AM on September 22th. The truck for collected pigeon is ready.
  • case1-2
    The referee of this event.
  • case1-3
    Get the number.
  • case1-4
    Rest area for participant.
  • case1-5
    Start collecting pigeons at 13:30. Su says all the pigeons should take on GPS tracker ring.
  • case1-6
    Security check
  • case1-7
    Fanciers in lobby sign and get collect ticket
  • case1-8
    The referee checks the GPS ring of pigeon one by one
  • case1-9
    The referee affix a seal on pigeon’s wings.
  • case1-10
    The staff of Taiwan Min Xin Technology Co., Ltd taking on the GPS tracker ring of pigeons.
  • case1-11
    The referee paste the seal on GPS tracker ring.
  • case1-12
    The staff monitoring strictly.
  • case1-13
    The staff scan again.
  • case1-14
    Pigeons through scissors lift to the truck.
  • case1-15
    Rest area for the participant.
  • case1-16
    The referee destroying stamps.
  • case1-17
    The journalist recording while the referee open the cage.
  • case1-18
    The staff from Taiwan Min Xin Technology Co,. Ltd.
  • case1-19
    There are 8,471 pigeons in cage.