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Downloading Software

1. Why can’t I download Skyleader 2.0 from the website?

Skyleader 2.0 is not allowed to download or run in FireWall settings. If you have a FireWall installed, please check that Skyleader 2.0 has appropriate access rights.

2. How to determine which version of software should I install?

Skyleader 2.0 has win 32 and win 64 version. Please install the software based on your windows version. If you do not know your windows version, please follow the steps below.

Click “Start” → Right click “Computer” → Click “Properties”. Find "System Type" and note whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Click “Start” → Click “Setting” → Click “System” → Click “About”. The Version and System type are shown on the About screen.

3. Why can’t I install Skyleader 2.0 in MAC ?

Skyleader 2.0 is the software downloaded from the official website. Open the privacy setting before installing on the Mac. To change these preferences on your Mac, please go to Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Privacy.



Operating software

1. What should I do if I forget my password?

Please click Forgot my password and enter account ID. Please click Send verification code and you will receive the verification code from your email account. You can reset your password after verification

2. What should I do when the computer pops up error message “Operation Error! You are not authorized to read this ring.”?

Each GPS ring can only be bind to one email account. If the account ID you log into Skyleader is different from the account you bind to the ring, then the computer will show this message. Please login to Skyleader 2.0 again with the email you register for the ring.

3. Why can’t I choose the ComPort?

  • Please install Ring Reader Driver PL2303 from website.
  • Remove the USB cable and then insert to another USB port.
  • If the USB cable is damaged, please use another cable to connect the ring reader and the USB port.
  • Please choose another ComPort to test.

4. Why can’t I set the departure time/ read the data?

  • Please check that you select the ComPort you will use.

    • Please check that the GPS ring is placed to the right position on the ring reader.
    • Please check that there are three pins on the ring reader and the pins aren’t crooked, can stretch out and draw back normally.
    • The stains on the pins will cause data access failure.
    • The departure time must be in the future.
    • Please check that the battery is fully charged.
    • After the battery is installed to the ring for 4 minutes, the GPS ring will go into sleep mode. Please reinstall the battery.
    • When the USB cable broken, please change a new one.
    • The GPS ring can only be bind to one email account.



1. How long can a GPS ring record data once its battery is fully charged?

The GPS ring can record data according to the logging mode you choose. There are 5 logging modes for the users to choose based on pigeon release time and distance.

 Explanation of expected flying time:

  • 2HR〈2S/P〉: Set GPS recording frequency as one point every 2 seconds and will continue to record for 2hours.
  • 6HR〈35 S/P〉: Set GPS recording frequency as one point every 35 seconds and will continue to record for 6 hours.
  • 10HR〈75 S/P〉: Set GPS recording frequency as one point every 75 seconds and will continue to record for 10 hours. (denser markers)
  • 12HR〈180 S/P〉: Set GPS recording frequency as one point every 180 seconds and will continue to record for 12 hours. (looser markers)
  • 35HR〈375 S/P〉: Set GPS recording frequency as one point every 375 seconds and will continue to record for 35 hours.

  Flying scenario selection recommendation:

  •  Flying around pigeon loft: 2.5HR (2 S/P)
  •  Long-distance flight: 6HR (35 S/P), 10HR (75 S/P), 12HR (180 S/P)
  • Marathon (flying time more than 12HR):35HR (375 S/P)

2. What should I do when the computer pops up the error message “Please re-install the battery of the ring and put the ring back to the ring reader and read it again”?

  • Please install another battery that is fully charged and read the ring again. The battery will run out of power after the GPS ring finishes flight recording. Please install another battery before you read the data.
  • The GPS ring goes into sleep mode four minutes after you install the battery. You might have to reinstall the battery and read the data again.


GPS Data

1. Why can’t I read the complete records from the GPS ring?

  • The battery did not have enough power to record the data. Please charge the battery first after you received the product and a 100% full charge takes 2.5 hours.
  • The door of the GPS ring is not closed properly.
  • All stickers and accessories on GPS ring cannot contain the ingredients of metal and aluminum.
  • Avoid putting the GPS ring in the pocket, holding on your hand or next to the insulation paper of car.
  • Please reinstall the GPS ring to the ring reader.
  • If the GPS data still cannot be read successfully, put GPS ring with fully charged battery in an open space for 2~3 hours and read the data again.
P.S Do not put the GPS ring in your pocket, hold on your hand or next to the insulation paper of a car. Otherwise, it will cause the GPS ring not receiving the data

2. Why are some data collection in the track so close and some far away?

From time to time, during the working period, the ring will wake up with an intense communication with the GPS satellite to identify which area it is, so the record points will be much denser. Once its working area is identified, the ring will work with designated log mode afterward during the flight. This situation often happens when the weather is cloudy or when the GPS signal is poor. In addition, if you see the missing track point in another track record, it also means the GPS satellite signals are quite weak at that time. When GPS signal strength is weak, the GPS ring will turn into sleep mode. So, you can see the missing track point in the picture as the green circle.

3. Why is the recorded time different from the departure time?

It is suggested that the user set the departure time and read the data in the same time zone. For example, if the user set the departure time in Japan and read the data in Taiwan, the track information will be inconsistent in the time setting. The user should change the computer’s time zone into Japanese time zone, then he can read the data successfully.

4. Why the GPS ring records the data later than the departure time I have set?

  •  If the GPS ring has not been used for a long time, it will cause the GPS ring start late.
  • If the pigeon fly to the electronic tower, it will cause the weak reception of GPS signals.

5.Why can’t I find history records?

Click “About” from the software interface and select “Manual Sync Checkup”. The software will sync with cloud automatically.

6.Why does the map become white when I draw the tracks?

The symbols, such as ( ), [ ], { }, < >, etc., in the track name will cause the map become white. Please rename the track and draw the data again.

7.Why does the ring read successfully, but no valid data?

The pigeon flies near the high-voltage tower, it affects the signal. Please flying again to try.