Congratulations to the 3 thousand dollars (CNY) Qualifying Tournament used GPS Tracking Ring. The project was a complete success as the homing rate was well over 94.09%.

On September 23, 2018 (Beijing) Ace Pigeon Grand Prix was opened in Hebei Yuanshi at 06:26 am, with a total of 179 houses and 8471 pigeons were basket.

  • case2-1
    On September 22nd, the car was drive to Hebei Yuanshi at 23:00 pm.
  • case2-2
    On September 23rd, the car was on the highway.
  • case2-3
    They were arrived in Hebei Yuanshi and staffs preparing for release the pigeon work.
  • case2-4
    GPS display release coordinates
  • case2-5
    Release the pigeons
  • case2-6
    The pigeons flew in the direction of home.
  • case2-7
    They were finished release the pigeon and took a group photo In the pioneering club’s 9 major professional racing lofts, there are pigeons homing one after another at 9:42 am. All entrants must to use GPS tracking ring. Those who do not participate in the qualifying round were all lose the qualification to participate in all competitions.
  • case2-8
    In the Pioneer Club’s 9 major professional racing lofts, there are pigeons that have been returned to 09:42 am.
  • case2-9
    Displaying the results of the homing pigeons on the big screen.
  • case2-10
    At 11:00 am, Wynn’s loft is the first to come to the club to check pigeons.
  • case2-11
    The referee checks if the GPS tracking ring is intact.
  • case2-12
    The staff of Taiwan Min Xin Technology Co., Ltd. was took off the GPS tracking ring of the pigeons.
  • case2-13
    To registration of GPS tracking ring on the computer.
  • case2-14
    The referee checks the GPS tracking ring of the pigeon.
  • case2-15
    Check the wings.
  • case2-16
    The Pioneer International Pigeon Club live broadcasts the entire pigeon inspection process. The pigeon fanciers reported to the club with the pigeon clock and the homing pigeons during the time specified by the club. After checked the pigeons GPS tracking rings and the wings, there are 7,970 pigeons of 178 loft passed the qualifying competition. The homing rate was well over 94.09%.
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