Congratulations to the Pioneers for their 18-year qualifying tournament using JIXIANGLE GPS Tracking Ring of anti-cheat system and add a period at the end of it. The project was a complete success as the homing rate was well over 94%

The pioneers hosted a race of four qualified homing pigeons using the Jixiangle gps tracking ring. They are the first time used the Jixiangle gps tracking ring and the it was used to record the flight path of the four pigeons in China in 2018. The pigeons got what was deserved in all respects, paving the way to a new milestone in racing pigeon science and fair competition.

Gathering pigeons since 22th Sep to and the next day is pigeon inspection. The whole process of these two days can efficiently read the track data and it won’t influence preparation of the pigeon race process. Which plays a key role is the track warning system made by JIXIANGLE. When the fanciers finish their pigeon inspection, the system will synchronous complete the flight paths and fly back check and it will know the qualifying flight race results. Through the pigeon track warning system, the test results of the Pioneers return pigeon flight path were all qualified, which proves that the pioneer international pigeon club had truly created a fair and cheating prevention race for the pigeon fanciers.

Jixiangle gps tracking ring designed specially ring door for everyone to use and it is easy to put on and take off. The ring will not fall off without manually removed.

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    The Jixiangle gps tracking ring use a satellite positioning system to record the flight path of the pigeons. The working/operation of Global positioning system is based on the ‘trilateration’ mathematical principle. The difference in time between these two can be converted to a pseudorange distance by using the speed of light. An ephemeris (set of satellite position information) stored in the receiver may then be used to determine initial receiver position by trilateration. Please refer to the figure below:
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    Satellite signals cover all regions of the world and are not affected by the layout of base stations of communication operators. And the civilian satellite positioning system is free to use, which can reduce the burden on the fancier. The radiation intensity of satellite signals is lower than that of mobile phones, that has no effect on pigeon navigation.

    The Jixiangle gps tracking ring can be used for satellite positioning in the United States Global Positioning System (GPS), BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) and the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system. In order to improve the speed and accuracy of positioning, the Jixiangle gps tracker ring can be positioned simultaneously using two different satellite systems.
  • case3-3
    The above picture is an example of the data of one pigeon in the September 23 qualifier, near Baoding East, at 08:16:52 in the morning. The satellite positioning data shows that the Jixiangle gps tracking ring uses up to 18 satellites to calculate the position, direction, speed, height and other information.

    The following is the flight paths of the racing pigeons.
  • Examples of leading pigeon: there are six different lofts and the first pigeons fly fast and straight.
  • Examples of lost pigeons: fly in the opposite direction and the wide range of flying around the circle require intensive training.
  • High-speed alarm features
    The high-speed road section anti-red alert automatically and throughout the entire process clearly visual.
  • The red point of the normal flight route is shown as crossing the high-speed rail.
    The following is altitude and speed contradistinction of high drive rail and route flight.

    The following is contradistinction of start point, process, destination.
    blue represent speed and brown represent altitude.
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    The Jixiangle gps ring used by the pioneers originated in Taiwan, China.
    This product is particularly helpful for the training process and is supported by pigeon fanciers from all over the world.
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    Our battery had obtained UL Certification. The battery quality is guaranteed to ensure the quality of the battery and to avoid damage to the pigeons when the battery is damaged. GPS only accepts satellite signals and does not transmit other transmissions. This avoids interference with the pigeon flight path and minimizes the impact of electronic products on pigeons. It is the latest, smallest and most longlasting product in the industry currently.

    1. International Protection Marking: Passed IPX7 SGS test. 2. Battery Safety Testing and Certifications: UL Certification. 3. Certification of electronic equipment: FCC and CE Certification. 4. Certification trade mark: JIXIANGLE
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    Our products have obtained 21 patents from all over the world and we are the latest and most advanced technology in GPS pigeons device industry.
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    In the past, we could only possible to guess how were flew abilities of pigeons but no other studies can corroborate it. Now with the help of JIXIANGLE, the data can be corroborated and it is especially for the academic research of pigeons flights.
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    Jixiangle racing pigeons use gps tracking ring which built-in map to record flight time, speed and position, and provide detail data of gps record points.

    Developing pigeon racing system for each pigeon club. It is binding on the number of pigeons participating and record name in the competition, set the departure time of the competition in large quantities, read the tracks record quickly. At the same time, it can turn on the intelligent alarm system to set the flight path, and the deviation path will issue a warning to effectively prevent cheating in various racing and maintain fairness in the racing.