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"Night Pigeon" got the 431th place in finals at night

      A white-grizzle pigeon of Zhai Qingchao and Gao Enming reached the 431st place at midnight at 23:31:43 in the 500 KM finals of Zhengzhou Xinyi Spring Loft.


Night pigeon's flight track

     This pigeon departed at 6:12 and arrived at Wangyuan at 7:04. It flew 46 KM in 48 minutes and arrived at Suizhou at 8:33 with an accumulated distance of 191 KM. It passed through Liuyung elementary school and had flown 403 KM. It was kind of tired and stopped at Jiaozhouang elementary school at 11:40. It departed again at 18:05 after staying 6 hours and 25 minutes.

     This pigeon stopped near Liujiagou which was far from the loft at 54 KM and departed again at 21:22 after staying 2hours and 8 minutes. It was near the loft at 500 meters at 22:52 and went home at 23:31 after staying near the loft for 38 minutes. This pigeon flew 574 KM in total. It kept flying after the sunset until it was 22:52 and spent 17 hours and 19 minutes in the end.

Website: www.skyracing.com.cn

ID: race72821

PW: 17941

Jixiangle Skyleader GPS tracker
Jixiangle Skyleader GPS tracker can record the pigeons' time, speed, altitude, and position. The alert system will check whether the path is suspicious simultaneously. Jixiangle Skyleader GPS tracker passed many electronic security examinations. It receives satellite signals only and doesn't deliver other signals. It makes little impact on the pigeon and avoids influencing the pigeon's navigation. Jixiangle Skyleader GPS tracker can last for two days. If the pigeon doesn't return on the day, it's still readable the next day.
 Information on Jixiangle Skyleader GPS rings:
Size: 20*20*14 mm
Weight: 3g without battery and 4g with battery
wearing process: matches the GPS ring with the banding, and then wears on the banding. Finally, pastes the seal.

The advantage of Jixiangle Skyleader GPS

1. The weight(4g) of the product is the lightest and proved to make the pigeons the least burden.

2. Jixiangle skyleader GPS rings are easy to wear and take off. It won't drop without human factors.

3. It can be bound with the electronic ring and the band. (compatible with the numbers)

4. It can last over 60 hours in the condition of positioning per 10 minutes.

5. It supports to position on the sea. The satellite positioning won't be affected by the location.

6. Skyracing system prevents cheating automatically, which points out the abnormal path of the freeway, high-speed rail, the AB loft etc.

7. Jixiangle Skyleader provides a big data platform which is available for every fancier to look up and there is its own flight track for every pigeon.

8. The product passed through the waterproof for CE, FCC, and IPX7.  The battery passed through the security rule of UL. There are 29  patents all over the world.

9. The reading well rate is over 99%. (Make sure every pigeon can be read flight track well)

10. In order to make no mistake, all workers are formal employees and are trained well beforehand. 

Thanks for your support and attention!