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The Aiyakarpu Loft of pigeon racing was holding in the middle of November 2020, In Chaozhou.

The Aiyakarpu Loft of pigeon racing was held on in the middle of November 2020, In Chaozhou.  In the Autumn, the weather was getting cooler for the pigeons to do the competition. The wind was northeaster in the same direction as the flying path. The environment was not so bad and tough. The flying distance was from Shantang village to Chaozhou city. Which is 490Km far. The 1st place spent about 5 hours and 45minutes to finish it. There were 2,371 pigeons joining the race and got the 1,252 returned GPS ring until November 18, the reading rate as high as 99.84%.

The interesting thing in this game was many of the pigeons arrived almost at the same time. Such as the 1st place and the 10th place only ONE second differenced at the end. It may make you feel like a fortunate thing. But according to the GPS recording data approved, there were still some of the differences between these two. The 1st place’s path (473.41Km) was less than the 10th place (473.83Km). Even the 10th place (The averaged speed was 1422.86m/Min) was flying faster than the 1st place (1416.82m/Min). As the photo(1).

Therefore, one of the weird paths was the X place. Due to the records, he flew 58 Km to cross the ocean than stay a small town overnight. Then he flew 247Km back to the loft the next morning. For some of the pigeons, the adventure is first then the competition(go home). As the photo(2).

(1) 1st place and the 10 place

(2) The paths

(3)Comparing to these paths you could see how different they were.

The champion




比賽於11/16 13:30~18:30完成集鴿2371羽,截至11/18讀取1252羽,讀取良率99.84% 。




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