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The first competition of racing pigeon at Shanghai City in 2021!

This was probably the first competition of racing pigeon in2021 which was held by Shanghai Hongyuan Loft at Shanghai City of mainland China. There were 1835 pigeons joined this game, the whole distancing is 550Km that started the form Xintai City of Shantung Province and finished at Shanghai City. Besides, there were 930 GPS ring data at the end. Which show to all of the owner a completed and successful competition again.

The first place Ae-shin spent 6hours and 35minutes to finish the game. As you see in the photo. The paths of the top three pigeon were very similar. Ae-shin's fly distancing was less 660M than the 2nd place Wumii. Besides, Ae-shin averaged speed just 3M/m than Wumii. They were flying closely.

On the point of the wind, it was a hard competition for the pigeons. The wind from west to east from the beginning then true to the northeast to southwest. When these pigeons flew from northwest to southeast, the wind is everywhere to bother the flight.

The wind

Here are some special paths recorded in this competition. GPS ring ID:10-0573589. The owner said due to the GPS ring data he found out where his pigeon was going. It flew around the ocean and found a small place to stay one night, then back to the land the next morning. He flew 821Km and spent nearly 15hours to complete the game, just make the owner laugh out loud. “Don’t fool around, I want you to concentrate on the game.”

And GPS ring ID 11-0012437 which flew to stay one night outside where far from the loft about 13Km, and back to the loft until 13:03 next day. "That was why he couldn’t get a good result. " Said the owner. "This is an interesting experience to see how the GPS works and speculate where the pigeon been during the competition. Hope we could use the GPS ring at the next game again.



2021/1/5 10:15~14:29完成集鴿1835羽。


足環號:11-0012437距離公棚13公里處過夜,隔天2021-01-07 13:03:12.57才到達公棚。


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